CA2 Testing

Concrete, Aggregate & Asphalt Testing, LLC has been providing specialized construction materials testing in New Mexico, west Texas, and southern Colorado since 1981.

Our clientele is mostly comprised of heavy highway contractors, utility, building contractors and material suppliers. Additionally, we also perform testing for engineering firms and other testing labs. Approximately 70% of our work is lab related with the other 3O% consisting of field quality control testing.

Materials Testing Services

NMDOT approved to perform: Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Design, Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Design, Rubberized OGFC Design, Portland Cement Concrete Design, and Pit Acceptance Testing.

Specialized Testing


  • Alkali Silica Reactivity (T303, C227, C1260, C1567, C1293)
  • Sulfate Expansion (C452)
  • Hardened Airvoids (C457)
  • Rapid Chloride Permeability (C1202)
  • Freeze/Thaw of Hardened Concrete (C215/C666)
  • Chloride Ion Determination (C1218)
  • Maturity Testing (C1074)

Hot Mix

  • Nova Chip, Full Depth Reclamation Design
  • Asphalt Extraction & Recovery (T319)
  • Asphalt PG Grading & Verification (T313, T315)
  • Rut Testing – Hamburg & APA

Field Testing Services

  • Concrete Testing
  • Density of Soils, Base and Hot Mix
  • Sampling
  • NMDOT QC & QA Testing

Why choose us

We have a fully equipped and staffed aggregate, concrete, hot mix and liquid asphalt laboratory.

Our soils lab is equipped for basic tests such as proctors, Atterburg limits, pH, CBR, and nuclear densometer testing.

Our construction materials testing lab is inspected and accredited by the NMDOT, AMRL, and CCRL. Our lab is TXDOT accredited to perform ASR testing.

Our laboratory meets the requirements of AASHTO R18 (Quality Systems), ASTM C1077 (Concrete & Aggregate laboratory), ASTM C3666 (Bituminous & Aggregate laboratory), and ASTM C3740 (Soils laboratory).

Our lab and field technicians are certified by NM Technician Training and Certification Program (TTCP), and American Concrete Institute (ACI).